Remodeling & Renovations

Modern Kitchen Renovation

David Boyes' DBHC works with you to transform your home so that it is both beautiful and functional.  Ranging from a complete kitchen renovation to a master bathroom remodeling project, our services make it simple to achieve the home you want.

David Boyes' DBHC offers complete remodeling and renovation services so that your home looks exactly the way you dreamed it could be.  Working with our team of qualified tradesmen, David Boyes' DBHC offers a full range of home renovation services including project management, architecural design and interior design services.  For large scale renovations, we have also partnered with Schnarr Craftsmen for quality, long-lasting results.

Our experienced home remodeling team ensures every detail is addressed. Drawing upon extensive industry experience, computer programs and the principles of design, David Boyes' DBHC can define what will make a space function best for clients needs while also achieving the look they had hoped for. This concept can then be provided in the form of a clear, scaled layout and as part of an overall design concept for the space. 

You should see what your home can be!  Contact us today to discuss your next home renovation project.