Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

custom built entertainment cabinet

Looking for a unique piece to add to your home?  David Boyes' DBHC offers an established selection of custom designed furnishings built to suit your home including custom cabinetry, furniture, window coverings and room accents. 

With each piece fully customizable in concept, shape, dimensions, fills, fabrics, hand nailed detailing and trims, furniture is built with both classic and transitional styling in mind. Frames can be covered using any number of quality fabrics globally sourced and sampled on site. Each frame can be altered greatly to accommodate individual client’s requirements taking into consideration structural qualities such as depth, width and height that be tailored to meet need, spatial concerns or creative flare. Further personalization of a piece can be achieved through the selection of fills and the comfort level.

All David Boyes' DBHC private label upholstered furniture is manufactured in Ontario using the highest level of materials. Canadian sourced hardwoods and fills insure best quality and a commitment to lower residual chemical emissions. Plus satisfaction is guaranteed as each upholstered good proudly carries a 25 year warranty on manufacturing.Have a piece of furniture that you love but needs a little TLC?  Remember that David Boyes' DBHC also offers reupholstering services so your furniture favourites look great again. Using our finest fabrics, we can easily update your upholstered furniture.

Whether David Boyes Custom Furnituregiving your current furniture an update or getting a custom cabinet or chair made for your home, David Boyes' DBHC handles all your interior design needs with the highest quality products and professional service.  Contact us today to inquire about your custom furniture requirements.