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Objects of beauty enrich our interiors. Far more than just filling a space, those things that we’ve collected are vital to the very soul of our home. A house is more than a series of rooms but a place where we want to be with our things. And these objects are a reminder of what we have accomplished, what we have experienced and where we have been.David Boyes

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With clients in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and beyond, our experienced team is ready to help you re-imagine the ordinary into the extraordinary.

David Boyes Design Inc. is adapted to jump in on a plan in motion or set the foundation and execute an entire design. Our relationships with local trade professionals as well as international vendors/suppliers allow us to assemble a qualified team to ally on a clients project with a single destination for their decoration, renovation or new home build visions.

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Residential Interiors
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